Tsubacheck SIGNATURE

Revolutionise signature security with accurate facial authentication and immutable blockchain escrow.

Authenticity and Trust in Every Signature

Your documents signed clearly, securely and legally

By choosing Tsubacheck for your advanced e-signature needs, you benefit from a service that not only improves the efficiency and security of your processes, but also offers significant advantages in terms of legality, savings and customer experience. Discover how Tsubacheck transforms digital document management:

More Legal Coverage

Tsubacheck extends the legal coverage of your online signatures, collecting multiple evidences that ensure the legality of each signed document.

Save Time

With Tsubacheck, your documents can be signed instantly, streamlining processes and improving productivity.

Reduce Costs

Tsubacheck minimises operating expenses, allowing you to reinvest in key areas of your business.

Improve Your Processes

Tsubacheck eliminates delays and risks of document loss, contributing to a more efficient and secure workflow.

Cares for Your Customer Experience

With Tsubacheck, you meet and exceed your customers' expectations.

Secure Documentation

Tsubacheck ensures that your documentation is protected, accessible and efficiently managed.

Tsubacheck, advanced electronic signature system complies with the European eIDAS standard.

Tsuba eIDAS

Innovative Technology for an Unbreakable Digital Signature

Tsubacheck, more than an advanced electronic signature

At Tsubacheck, combining the most advanced biometric facial recognition technology with the unbreakable security of blockchain escrow. Our solution not only redefines the security and efficiency of signing digital documents, but also ensures their full legal validity in any context. Discover how our unique features give you an unprecedented signing experience

Biometric Facial Recognition

Guarantees the security and uniqueness of each advanced electronic signature through our facial identification system. This process not only speeds up the signing procedure, but also ensures that every action is unequivocally linked to the correct signatory, eliminating the risk of identity theft and increasing confidence in every transaction.

Custody in Blockchain

With the innovative application of blockchain technology, every electronic signature is securely and unalterably recorded. This means that once a document is signed, the data is protected against modification, guaranteeing unprecedented transparency and security. Blockchain escrow also enables global verification of the authenticity and integrity of signed documents at any time.

Legality and Compliance

Our advanced electronic signatures comply with the most demanding legal regulations (eIADS and GDPR), offering full legal validity in a wide range of applications. This ensures that your digitally signed documents are recognised and accepted in legal proceedings, contracting, and any other legal environment, giving you peace of mind that your transactions meet all necessary legal and compliance requirements.

Versatility in different sectors

Tsubacheck Advanced Electronic Signature Applications

The Advanced Electronic Signature Tsubacheck redefines security and efficiency in digital document authentication. Its implementation transcends multiple business sectors, offering adaptive and reliable solutions for document management.

Real estate

Public administration




Human resources



Extending the Scope of Digital Authentication

Tsubacheck Advanced Electronic Signature Compatible Documentation

Employment Contracts

Employment agreements between companies and employees, including permanent, temporary or internship contracts.

Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)

Documents protecting sensitive information between parties, essential in negotiations and joint projects.

Lease Contracts

Agreements for the rental of residential or commercial properties.

Purchase-Sale Documents

Contracts for the transaction of goods, such as real estate or vehicles.

Service Contracts

Agreements between service providers and customers, ranging from professional services to maintenance and support.

Banking and Financial Documents

They include loans, mortgages and other financial products that require high security in the identification of the parties.

Partners' and Shareholders' Agreements

Documents setting out the terms of collaboration and participation in businesses or enterprises.

Software Licensing and Intellectual Property Contracts

Agreements governing the use of digital assets and intellectual property.

Legal and Judicial Documents

They include powers of attorney, wills and other legal documents that require secure authentication.

Business Management Documents

Minutes of meetings, merger agreements, acquisitions and other documents critical to the operation of companies.

The Advanced Electronic Signature Tsubacheck enables a wide range of documents to be signed, providing a secure and legally binding solution for a variety of needs. This tool stands out for its adaptability to different sectors, such as legal, financial, real estate and corporate, facilitating transactions and processes with reliable digital validation.  

With Tsubacheck, users can ensure the authenticity, integrity and unambiguous consent of the parties involved in any document operation, thus optimising document management and operational efficiency.

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