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Transforming the Real Estate Sector with Tsubacheck's Digital Technology

Speed up and secure your real estate transactions

Agility, Security and Compliance in one place

Eliminates the need for displacements for face-to-face signatures and avoids the loss of customers who are far away or unable to attend in person. In the dynamic real estate market, make sure you don’t get overtaken by the competition. With Tsubacheck, your agents can operate from anywhere, carrying all contracts on your mobile or tablet and sending them easily to customers for signature. This flexibility and efficiency allows you to close deals faster, ensuring a competitive advantage in the industry.

Identity Verification

The Tsubacheck ensures the authenticity of all parties to transactions by offering advanced electronic identification solutions. This facilitates customer identity verification processes, ensuring secure and reliable transactions.

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Process Automation

Tsubacheck transforms real estate management by streamlining rental and sales processes through automation. It digitises and efficiently manages lease agreements, with verified and secure signatures. It facilitates and secures the digital signature of purchase and sale contracts, speeding up the closing of operations.

Data Protection

Tsubacheck complies with the strictest data protection regulations, such as eIDAS and GDPR, ensuring maximum legality and security. Documents managed through Tsubacheck offer greater legal coverage and minimise the risk of improper access to sensitive data, thus protecting everyone involved in the real estate transaction.

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What do Real estate use Tsubacheck?

Tsubacheck, suite of digital solutions compliant with European eIDAS and GDPR regulations.

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