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Transforming Public Administration with Tsubacheck Digital Technology

Optimise Talent Management with Security and Efficiency

Digital Transformation in Human Resources with Tsubacheck

Tsubacheck revolutionises HR administration, facilitating the digitisation of critical processes such as recruitment, onboarding and document management. Our solution ensures agility and legal compliance at every step, improving the experience for both employees and HR managers.

Employment Contracts

The implementation of the Tsubacheck tool allows the formalisation of employment contracts digitally, facilitating the incorporation of new employees remotely and securely, without the need for face-to-face meetings.

Corporate Policies and Documents

The distribution and acceptance of internal policies, employee handbooks, codes of conduct and other corporate documents is simplified with Tsubacheck, ensuring that all employees have read and accepted the terms.

Performance Appraisals and Target Agreements

Periodic appraisals and target agreements can be signed electronically, facilitating the efficient monitoring and management of employee performance.

Holiday and Leave Requests

The management of requests for holidays, personal leave or medical leave is streamlined with the advanced electronic signature, allowing employees to send their requests and managers to approve them digitally.

Contractual Modifications

Any changes in working conditions, such as promotions, relocations or salary adjustments, can be quickly managed and formalised through Tsubacheck.

Training and Development

Training agreements and career development commitments can be signed electronically, facilitating the management of training plans and ensuring employees' commitment to their development.

Exit Processes

Termination of employment, whether by resignation, retirement or dismissal, can be handled in a more orderly and efficient manner with advanced electronic signatures, including the signing of severance agreements and exit documents.

Consents and Authorisations

Advanced electronic signatures are essential for obtaining consents and authorisations on sensitive issues such as the processing of personal data, privacy policies and consents for medical or integrity tests.

Tsubacheck, suite of digital solutions compliant with European eIDAS and GDPR regulations.

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