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Transforming the Tourism Sector with Tsubacheck Digital Technology

Revolutionising Tourism with Tsubacheck

Streamline and Secure your Tourism Operations

Tsubacheck transforms the travel industry by simplifying processes such as booking confirmations, service contracts, and administration. This solution not only enhances the customer experience by offering speed and security in every transaction, but also supports tourism businesses on their journey towards full digitisation and compliance.

Reservations and Accommodation Contracts

Hotels, hostels and holiday rentals can use advanced electronic signatures to formalise reservations and accommodation contracts, allowing guests to sign agreements digitally prior to arrival.

Travel Agency Agreements

Travel agencies can use advanced electronic signatures to confirm customised itineraries, package tours and other services, ensuring fast and efficient customer acceptance and compliance.

Contracts of Carriage

Airlines, car rental companies and other transport providers can facilitate the signing of service and car rental contracts digitally, improving the user experience and streamlining operational processes.

Documentation of Activities and Excursions

Tour operators and activity organisers can manage registrations and consents required to participate in excursions, adventure sports and other tourist activities by means of advanced electronic signature.

Cancellation Policy and Travel Insurance

Advanced electronic signatures allow travellers to accept terms and conditions related to cancellation policies and travel insurance in a clear and binding manner, providing security for both suppliers and consumers.

Digital Check-in and Check-out

The management of arrivals and departures in tourist establishments can be made more efficient with advanced electronic signatures, reducing waiting times and improving the customer experience.

Health and Safety Forms

In the current context, advanced electronic signatures are particularly useful for completing health and safety forms required by some destinations or service providers, ensuring compliance with health regulations.

Supplier Partnership Agreements

Collaboration between different tourism service providers, such as hotels offering packages with local activities, is facilitated through advanced electronic signatures, streamlining the creation of joint offers and promotions.

Tsubacheck, suite of digital solutions compliant with European eIDAS and GDPR regulations.

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