Simplify Identity Verification

Innovation and Security in the KYC Process

TSUBACHECK Onboarding KYC: The New Era of Digital Identity Verification

In the digital age, fast and secure identity verification is essential. TSUBACHECK Onboarding KYC offers a comprehensive remote and unattended KYC solution, combining document recognition and biometric verification for accurate authentication and the creation of reusable biometric profiles.

Enabling businesses to comply with regulations, improve transaction security and ensure a smooth and secure user experience.

The process of Onboarding

TSUBACHECK Onboarding KYC is an advanced platform designed to streamline the Know Your Customer (KYC) process through document recognition and biometric verification technologies.

Recognition of documents

Digitise and validate documents instantly and accurately.

Biometric verification

Secures identity through advanced biometric technology.

Creation of biometric profile

Create reusable biometric profiles for fast and secure authentication.

Maximise Security and Efficiency in your Business

Applications of the TSUBACHECK Onboarding KYC

Integrating TSUBACHECK Onboarding KYC in your system not only raises the standard of security through the use of advanced biometric technology and document recognition, but also optimises operational efficiency by streamlining identity verification processes.

Fast and Secure Access

Streamlines access to financial services and online platforms, eliminating the need for in-person visits.

Improving Security in Transactions

Increases security in e-commerce and online payments by verifying user identity.

Regulatory Compliance

Facilitates compliance with regulations in online casinos, cryptocurrency services, and more.

Driver and Customer Verification

Essential for vehicle rental, telecommunications and health services, ensuring the identity of users and suppliers.

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