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Integral digital security solution

Tsubacheck COMPANION

Tsubacheck COMPANION is Tsubacheck’s comprehensive digital security solution, accessible both from the web and via a mobile app for iOS and Android. This platform allows you to interact with notifications, sign documents biometrically, access your files and manage your pending actions, all from one place.

Unit Cost
2,95€ *
KYC + Enrollment
1,95€ *
Security Vault
Biometric AUTH
Biometric OTP
With proof of life
No proof of life
Dashboard control
App iOs / Android

To comply with eIDAS regulations using Tsubacheck COMPANION, it is necessary to link the user’s identity with their biometric information. This is done through a process called “biometric onboarding“, which can be done in two ways:


With Unattended Remote KYC

This method is for users new to Tsubacheck and involves remote identity verification, without the need for direct personal interaction. The verification is carried out automatically and remotely using biometric technology.

The cost of this service is €2.95 and is a one-off service when the customer starts working with Tsubacheck.


No Unattended Remote KYC

This option is for users who have already completed a KYC verification process in the client's systems. In this case, only a biometric onboarding needs to be performed in Tsubacheck to associate the user's profile with their biometric traits, such as fingerprints or facial recognition.

The cost of this operation is €1.95 and, as in the first case, it is only carried out once.

In short, the eIDAS requires that, in order to use Tsubacheck COMPANION, the user’s identity must be securely confirmed and linked to their unique biometric data. This ensures that all interactions within the system are authentic and secure.

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