Your All-in-One Digital Security Suite

Integral digital security solution

What is Tsubacheck COMPANION?

Tsubacheck COMPANION is Tsubacheck’s comprehensive digital security solution, accessible both on the web and through a mobile application for iOS and Android. This platform allows you to interact with notifications, sign documents biometrically, access your files and manage your pending actions, all from a single place.

Integrated Access to Functionalities

With Tsubacheck COMPANION, you easily access all Tsubacheck functionalities without the need for additional integrations. From digital signature to biometric authentication, everything is at your fingertips.

Explore the powerful features of Tsubacheck COMPANION, designed to maximize your security and efficiency.

Tsubacheck Onboarding KYC

Tsubacheck Biometric OTP

AUTH Biometric Tsubacheck

Tsubacheck SIGNATURE

Tsubacheck Security VAULT

Tsuba eIDAS

Tsubacheck, suite of digital solutions compliant with European eIDAS and GDPR regulations.

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