Transforming the Insurance Sector with Tsubacheck Digital Technology

Agility, Security and Confidence in Every Transaction

Revolutionizing the Insurance Sector with Tsubacheck

Tsubacheck is key to the digitisation of insurers, facilitating the management of policies, claims, consents and more through advanced e-signatures. This approach not only improves operational efficiency but also ensures regulatory compliance, enhancing the customer experience and strengthening transparency in all communications.

Identity Verification

Digitise and optimise your onboarding processes with Tsubacheck, ensuring maximum efficiency and security from identity verification to document custody. Seamlessly integrated into your daily operations, our solutions accelerate the signing of essential documents such as NDAs and employment contracts, combining speed, fluidity and protection.

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Process Automation

Tsubacheck elevates the customer experience with electronic insurance contracts, offering a fast, simple and intuitive signing process. This innovation redefines the way customers interact with services, providing convenience, trust and unprecedented privacy in the digital environment.

Simplifies processes

Tsubacheck simplifies your internal processes, enabling your team to manage electronically signed documents smoothly and efficiently. We offer flexible solutions that adapt to different validation processes, promoting agility and improving organisational efficiency.

Tsubacheck simplifies your internal processes
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Data Protection

Tsubacheck strengthens the legal and evidentiary value of your digital documents. Through advanced escrow services and robust identity verification, we proactively mitigate legal risks, providing irrefutable evidence for important transactions. Our system is designed to comply with GDPR and eIDAS, ensuring legality, security and transparency at every step, reinforcing your legal position and demonstrating a firm commitment to data protection.

Success Stories

What do Insurers use Tsubacheck?

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Tsubacheck, suite of digital solutions compliant with European eIDAS and GDPR regulations.

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