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Tsubacheck Biometric OTP: Advanced Authentication for a Digital Age

In a world where digital security is paramount, Tsubacheck Biometric OTP is presented as the ultimate solution to ensure secure and efficient user authentication and document signing. Through the innovative combination of technologies, we offer an unrivalled verification system that outperforms traditional methods. With Tsubacheck Biometric OTP, not only enhances the security of digital transactions, but also delivers an unprecedented user experience, marking a before and after in the protection of identity and personal information in cyberspace. Discover how our solution redefines digital authentication, providing a perfect balance between advanced security and ease of use for users and businesses alike.

Generation of Unique Passwords

Biometric OTP combines dynamically generated one-time passwords with biometric user identification. This ensures that each transaction or access is uniquely and securely authorised.

Biometric Verification

To validate the generated OTP, the user must confirm his or her identity through biometric methods, such as facial recognition. This provides an additional level of security, making unauthorised access virtually impossible.

Improved Security

By using OTPs that are only valid for a short period of time and require biometric verification, the risks of attacks such as phishing or password interception are minimised, far exceeding the security of conventional authentication methods.

Comfort and Accessibility

This technology eliminates the need to remember multiple passwords or carry code-generating devices. In addition, by not relying on mobile connectivity to receive the OTP, it ensures secure and convenient access in any situation.

Safety and Practicality at your fingertips

Advantages of Tsubacheck Biometric OTP

Tsubacheck Biometric OTP redefines digital security, fusing biometric authentication with one-time passwords to deliver a solution that not only significantly improves security and reduces the risk of fraud, but also provides exceptional user convenience. From mobile network independence to strong authentication and regulatory compliance, discover how our innovative system is designed to meet the most stringent security demands without sacrificing user experience.

Improved Security

Biometrics adds an extra layer of security, as it uses the unique and inimitable characteristics of each individual, significantly raising the level of protection for each access or transaction.

Fraud Risk Reduction

Biometric OTPs make fraud attempts much more difficult, as access or actions can only be used by the same user, which drastically reduces the possibility of unauthorised access.

User comfort

It eliminates the need to memorise complex password sequences or carry around code-generating devices. A simple gesture, such as a tap or a glance, is enough to authenticate, simplifying the process without compromising security.

Mobile Network Independence

OTPs using SMS have regional limitations, biometric authentication does not...it simply requires an internet connection, however weak, regardless of where you are in the world.

Strong Authentication

It combines two strong authentication factors: something the user has (their device) and something the user is (their biometrics), forming a multi-factor security system that is difficult to breach.

Audit and Compliance

The traceability and certainty offered by the system facilitates compliance with strict industry standards and regulations, providing detailed authentication records for audits and compliance.

Double Authentication Factor

It strengthens security by requiring two forms of verification before granting access, which adds an additional barrier against unauthorised access, further protecting sensitive information.

Access to Shared Documents

It ensures that only authorised persons can access confidential documents, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of information shared within an organisation or between different entities.

Signature of Documents

It provides a secure and verifiable way to sign digital documents, ensuring the identity of the signatory with precision and offering indisputable legal validity to each signed document.

Tsuba eIDAS

Tsubacheck, suite of digital solutions compliant with European eIDAS and GDPR regulations.

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