Public Administration

Transforming Public Administration with Tsubacheck Digital Technology

Transforming Citizen Interaction with Government Services

Government Digitalisation

The implementation of TSUBACHECK technology is revolutionizing public administration services, offering citizens a more accessible, fast and secure way to carry out government procedures. TSUBACHECK facilitates the digital management of a wide range of services, improving efficiency, promoting transparency and strengthening trust in digital transactions with the public sector.

Personal Documentation Procedures

The application and renewal of personal documents such as ID cards, passports or driving licences can be done digitally, using the advanced electronic signature to validate the identity of the applicant and speed up the process.

Tax declarations and formalities

Taxpayers can file their tax returns, such as income tax returns, and complete other tax formalities online, electronically signed, ensuring the legal validity and security of data transmission.

Applications for Subsidies and Grants

Advanced electronic signatures allow individuals and businesses to apply for grants, state aid or emergency funds digitally, simplifying administration and reducing waiting times;

Civil Registry and Notary

Acts such as registration of births, marriages, deaths or the signing of notarial deeds can be handled electronically, facilitating these vital processes for citizens.

Judicial Proceedings

The filing of legal documents and the management of court proceedings benefit enormously from advanced electronic signatures, allowing lawyers and parties to interact with court systems remotely.

Licences and Permits

The application and renewal of business licences, building permits, and other types of government authorisations can be processed online, using electronic signatures to validate the documents.

Citizen Participation

e-Government tools that facilitate citizen participation, such as public consultations or e-petitions, can incorporate advanced electronic signatures to authenticate the identity of participants.

Health Services

The administration of healthcare services, such as requesting medical appointments, accessing electronic medical records or prescribing medication, can be made more efficient and secure with the use of advanced electronic signatures.

Tsubacheck, suite of digital solutions compliant with European eIDAS and GDPR regulations.

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