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Innovation and Efficiency in Event Management with Tsubacheck

Tsubacheck revolutionises event organisation, enabling efficient, digital management of contracts, registrations and supplier agreements. Through our secure platform, we facilitate fast and reliable processes, improving the experience for organisers and participants, and ensuring legal compliance in all procedures.

Contracts with Suppliers

Organising events involves working with multiple suppliers, from venues to catering and entertainment services. Advanced electronic signatures allow these contracts to be signed digitally, streamlining the process and ensuring the legal validity of the agreements.

Sponsorship agreements

Sponsorship agreements are crucial for many events. Advanced electronic signatures facilitate the formalisation of these agreements, allowing parties to sign documents remotely and securely, speeding up the confirmation of sponsorships and partnerships.

Registrations and Participant Authorisations

Registration of participants in conferences, seminars and other events can be efficiently managed through advanced electronic signatures, ensuring the collection of consents and authorisations necessary for participation.

Recruitment of Temporary Staff

Events often require additional staff, such as security personnel, assistants and technicians. Temporary contracts can be signed electronically, simplifying the hiring and compliance process.

Exhibitor Agreements

At trade fairs and exhibitions, exhibitors must comply with a number of requirements and conditions. The advanced electronic signature allows exhibitors to digitally sign terms and conditions, space reservations and other necessary documents.

Citizen Participation

e-Government tools that facilitate citizen participation, such as public consultations or e-petitions, can incorporate advanced electronic signatures to authenticate the identity of participants.

Acuerdos de Confidencialidad

At events involving the presentation of sensitive information or innovations, electronically signed confidentiality agreements ensure the protection of shared information.

Evaluations and Post-event Feedback

Collecting feedback from participants and partners is essential to improve future events. Forms and surveys can be signed and submitted electronically, facilitating data collection and analysis.

Tsubacheck, suite of digital solutions compliant with European eIDAS and GDPR regulations.

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