The fight against residential fraud: Unmasking errors and guaranteeing your security with Tsubacheck

Today, we want to talk to you about a topic that is as fascinating as it is controversial: residential fraud. Did you know that there are people who do all kinds of digital tricks to make it appear that they are at home, when in fact they could be at the beach on vacation?

We talk about things like

  • give your credit card to someone to make micropayments for you
  • collect purchase tickets from acquaintances
  • use a local phone line to make calls
  • even triggering a speed camera 🚔
  • some even hire cleaning services to generate consumption at home, as if their house were a constant party!

This may all sound quite normal, but the truth is that such tactics can lead to serious problems. The authorities are more than familiar with these tricks, and evidence presented in this way is often dismissed. So all that effort ends up being, at best, a waste of time.

Some of the strategies that seem cool can have unexpected consequences. Have you ever thought of creating a private Instagram account and taking photos 🤳🏻 with the local newspaper 🗞️ to prove your location🏡 Wrong! Instagram can delete your photos at any time, leaving you with no proof.

So, after this journey into the dark side of digital residency, what can we do to stay on track? This is where Tsubacheck Honor comes in handy.

Tsubacheck is like your own digital samurai. It uses the latest technology to certify that you are you, that you are alive and that you are in a specific place, and stores that information securely and immutably on the blockchain.

So the next time you’re tempted to pull one of these digital stunts, think Tsubacheck. It’s a much safer, more reliable and, let’s be honest, much less complicated solution.

Do you want more information on how Tsubacheck can help you prove your residence safely and without complications? Do not hesitate to request a demo or contact us directly.

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